Welcome to the RimWorld editor

This is a javascript based map editor. I'm using the <canvas> to render the map on screen, sure your browser supports it (most browsers do).

Open file and edit!



Left mouse button+dragChange tiles using selected tool
Right mouse button+dragMove map
+ & -
Zoom map
SSave map


Always do backups! When you press the save button, a file dialog appears (or the file is saved in your "downloads" folder). The file will have random name, like 32Fefgr. Rename it to ****.rim and put it in the savegame folder.

Reporting problems

For any feedback, please use the forum. I'll be happy to reply.


Please select the savegame file:


You can load sample world by AJAX. There is also tiny world that loads fast.
However, tiny world may not load in game. But here's a world that has removed all things and works.


Totally not from the beginning, I just started taking notes...


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